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E-Cigarette Team of VAPES.BAR

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R&D Team

Since establishment, VAPES.BAR has always adhered to the market demand-oriented and innovated around user experience. It has a senior R&D team of more than 100 people, constantly innovating and surpassing, from product appearance to material selection, to air flow and taste experience, which is extremely demanding.
Technological Innovation
We are committed to building a global leading atomization technology platform, focusing on advanced chip development, atomization structure, research and application of new materials and new processes, thermal alloy, rapid flash charging, intelligent atomizer recognition system, airflow sensor control and other fields have deep technical deposits, so as to promote the upgrading iteration of electronic atomizer and industrial technological innovation.
Atommization Technology
Material R&D
Chip Development
Arflow Sensing

Vapes Innovation

Over the years, we have always adhered to independent innovation, built solid technical barriers, and constantly improved the core competitiveness of the company. 
  • Mesh Coil

  • Heating element

  • Atomization Test

  • Professional production

  • Core E-Liquid Technology

Atomization heating
Mesh coil, more uniform heating to obtain pure taste and prevent paste core.
Cotton, heating element selection and material control
More than 30 design quality measurement dimensions in the R&D process, professional sample quality measurement team.
Establish process operation parameter standards and process quality control standards for the whole process.
VAPES.BAR takes the user's sensory needs as the center, collects the user's sensory preference info rmation in an all-round way, transforms the subjective taste preference into scientific indicators and production st andards, more accurately matches the user's taste needs on the basis of safety.